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Leprechaun News 2006

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Cole, Marcy, Bob, Cheryl and Sadie
Denton, FEB 2006

Cole, Marcy and Sadie visited Denton in February.  Here's a group shot of the family just before they kids headed home.  More Pics of Sadie and the other grandkids found on: Picture Page (see navigation bar).


Cheryl is planning our trip out to CA to see her son Tommy and his family (Leina and Macey).  She ordered the airline tickets the other day and has had a rosy glow ever since.  She is picking out the sites she wants to see and having a grand time imagining something other than work and Denton.
In addition, Cheryl has become quite addicted to couponing.  Several folks down at the office are quite into it, and the bug has bitten Cheryl in a big way (to the point where someone has had to put his foot down and say we don't need any more such and such!  Not that that has stopped the buying of such and such...).
The company Cheryl works for, Hulcher Services, Inc., was involved with the massive cleanup effort that followed hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  The devastation hit the shops located in the gulf region, but the company was able to work around its own problems and help get the trains running.  Bookkeeping and payments to employees, the things Cheryl has to deal with, were complicated by the loss of power.
Cheryl is on cloud nine at the moment as two of her favorite reality series are playing: American Idol and The Amazing Race.  Those two shows and thinking of ways to spoil grandkids keep Cheryl off the streets at night.


Bob has several projects going at the moment.  One of them has earned him a new title: The Cemetery Guy (from the Department of Parks and Recreation here in Denton).  Bob has been working on taking pictures of headstones in Denton County cemeteries.  He has finished work at Oakwood Cemetery and will be starting to work on the IOOF (Odd Fellows) Cemetery maintained by the City of Denton.  He's also worked on cemeteries in Krum, Lewisville and Carrollton, and has plans on working in Argyle, Justin and Sanger.  He has worked with "The Old Cemetery Lady" out at Krum as well as the "new" one!  He got started on the project when he happened upon the FINDAGRAVE.COM website about the time Thomas Henning was putting up pictures of the cemetery where his maternal great grandparents are buried in eastern IA.  He helped Thomas identify all but two headstones and the spouses or parents of the person memorialized on the markers.
Bob's writers' group in Lubbock is putting together a poetry show for National Poetry month (APR).  Final selection of items and the printing, mounting and hanging of poetry remains.  It's an ambitious undertaking, and the first such effort for the group in its 25-year history!
Bob still has to finish mailing out the 30th Anniversary of the Mundale-Mondale Clan.  He started working on that project last March (2005) and continued to receive the odd update through DEC.  He finally mailed the first batch of updates about Christmas time.  He hopes to have the last of them mailed by the end of this month.
Some of you may not have heard Bob has braces.  His niece-in-law has nicknamed him Tinsel Teeth.  He's not the only member of the family sporting wire, however, as his nephew, Shane, also has a metal mouth.  A while back, a couple of teeth with fillings simply disintegrated.  The dentist said it wasn't all that unusual.  But the question was what to do.  After some debate, braces were chosen.  Avoids dentures, crowns and other dentistry.  Bob will continue to sport his metal for a year or more.

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