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Christmas '05
The OLD Grandkids Photo Album

Sadie Mae Smith
Laurel, Zachary & Macey
A Brief Update
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And, a few pics of the OLD grandkids!

Our tall 9-year-old: Laurel


Laurel now lives in Cheyenne, WY.  She's enjoying school, and she has made a lot of new friends.  We miss having her so close.  We can no longer just jump in the car and go see her.  But we're happy to know that things are going well in her new home.


Zachary and the Baby Alligator


Fortunately, Zachary lives nearby, so we can jump in the car and see him when we need a fix.  Zachary continues to play soccer and the piano.  We have been able to see most of his games.  And we attended his first concert.  He loves Yugio cards and army men.


The Happy Macey


Macy is quite the two-year-old.  She speaks very well for a child her age.  And she has (like most twos) a mind of her own.  She and her Mommy and Daddy (Leina and Tommy) were able to come to N. TX for a visit in September.  We really enjoyed having a chance to spend some time with her and her parents.


Happy Holidays from the TX Leahys