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Christmas '05

Sadie Mae Smith
Laurel, Zachary & Macey
A Brief Update
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A Brief Update



Bob's been working on two major genealogy projects, in addition to his writing, cooking and other activities.
The first is a 30th anniversary update of his mom's maternal grandmother's family.  The books are finally ready, and he has begun to mail them out.  So, if you are Mundale-Mondale clansmen, look for these books soon.
The second is a cemetery project here in Denton County.  Several cemeteries in the area have not been surveyed or surveyed recently, so Bob has been out in the field photographing headstones and putting the names and dates into spreadsheets to place on various websites.  Being able to take the digital pics has greatly speeded up the surveying process.  Bob has pictures from several cemeteries to keep him busy during those cold, icy days to come.



In September, with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, Cheryl wondered where the cooler weather was.  Now, with morning temperatures in the 30s, and a few ice storms and colder temperatures, too, Cheryl has decided she's seen enough winter.  Cheryl has a small temperature-tolerance window: 71-71.8596134 degrees.  I can keep our apartment close to the window, but the outside world (and her work world) do not try to be as accommodating.
Despite her occasional complaints about the weather, Cheryl seems pretty happy these days.  She continues to enjoy her work at Hulcher Services here in Denton.  She loves living so close to work.  That hasn't been the case since she worked for the telephone company in Levelland, and the office was just blocks from our house.
Cheryl's major hobby, besides grandkid spoiling, is needlepoint.  She has begun an ambitious project.  But I will leave it at that as I don't want to give anything away or get anyone's expectations high that there's something coming soon!

Happy Holidays from the TX Leahys