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Bob's Pics from Easter Weekend in Austin
APRIL Pictures of Sadie from Daddy Cole
MARCH Pictures of Sadie from Daddy Cole
FEBRUARY Pictures of Sadie from Daddy Cole
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Easter Weekend in Austin with Sadie, Marcy and Cole

As promised, I have pics from our trip down to see Sadie, Marcy and Cole.  We had a nice visit with our youngest granddaughter.  She is a real cutie, if we do say so ourselves.
Now that I have created a NEW Sadie site, I hope to keep a recent picture of Sadie on this page.  The remaining pages will be changed and updates when new batches of pics come in.
Cole and Marcy will be moving from Austin to Panhandle in June.  We hope to get up that way to see them after they have a chance to settle in (mid-August?).


Thanks for taking a look at our photos.

and Marcy and Cole, too