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Denton Jazz Fest '08
Denton Jazz Fest '08 (page 2)
Page Two--more pics

It was a beautiful day--not too hot, with a nice breeze.
I didn't eat anything while I was there, but there were vendors selling everything from freshly roasted nuts to fried chocolate dipped twinkies.  Cold Stone Creamery had an ice cream booth that would have been irresistable had it been warmer.  As it was, I made my oversized diet cola from Sonic last for the three plus hours I prowled the festival.

Denton Jazz Fest '08
the Road Kill Grill--my personal favorite name for an eatery at the festival this year

Denton Jazz Fest '08
Doc's Dixieland--much better than the group I heard last year

Denton Jazz Fest '08
more of the crowd

Denton Jazz Fest '08
UNT Faculty Jazz Ensemble

Denton Jazz Fest '08
sleeping through the fun--well, the song was "Meditation"