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I walked over to the Arts & Jazz Fest here in Denton on Saturday afternoon.  It was a cloudy, warm and humid day, but a fairly brisk breeze from the south kept it from being unbearable.
The jazz warriors, instruments strung across the backs, did battle for space on the two bridges connecting the three separate festival areas with the folding-chair toting attendees.
In my three plus hours, I was able to listen to or watch parts of eleven different performances:  2 Tone, Accordion Fusion, Bregget Rideau, Dallas Tap Dazzlers, Jazzcats, Rayzor Elementary Groove Squad, Rhythm Tribe, Rodney Booth Big Band, UNT 3 o'clock Lab Band, UNT Jazz Rep Ensemble, and UNT Zebras.

2009 Logo as found on t-shirt

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

Arts and Jazz Fest 2009--April 24-26, Denton, TX