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The annual holiday letter is a tradition at our house, as it is in many of your homes.And I know some of you look forward to my letter and its little gems about the doings here in Texas.


But the sad fact of the matter is that we have done absolutely nothing worth writing about.And itís not just us.Our kids havenít cooperated either.


We had no grand tour and saw no great sights.Our canoe trip on the Guadalupe River in South Texas (all one-half mile), hardly qualifies as excitingóunless, of course, we mention our capsizing as we pulled away from shore and the problems that ensued when we tried to get back to the bank (and we wonít mention them because Cheryl told me not to!).


We were able to take Laurel (our granddaughter) to see her first mountain in New Mexico.She was excited, and she liked the tram ride a lot.But there is no big story here either.


As many of you know, I devote a lot of time to genealogy.As a result, Iíve dragged Cheryl to see quite a few cemeteries.She doesnít mind too much, until we get to the third or fourth one of the day!But I can understand why most of you wouldnít consider that a highlight worthy of this holiday note, so pretend you didnít read this paragraph.


Chad and Hayden (and, of course, Zachary) have moved to their new house.But thatís a story for their letterónot ours.


Tommy is still in the Navy and stationed out in CA at Camp Pendleton.Boy, isnít that exciting.


Cole has moved back to Dallas and in with us.Now there are some stories I could tell you about that.But it would hardly be in keeping with the spirit of the season (and Cheryl wouldnít approve, soÖ).


The most that can be said is that we had a happy, healthy year.And thatís what itís all about, isnít it.


We send you our warmest wishes for the holiday season.


The TX Leahys