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Werner Trimborn Family


23. Odella Trimborn

Date of birth from 1900 Census (see notes for her father, Werner).
According to the 1920 Census, Odelia and Alvin had a son named Heil Lawrence (born 1902). It is unclear who Heil Lawrence might be. It is possible that Odelia was married before, and this could be a son from this marriage. Curious, at best.
At one time, the listing of this family included a son named NORVAL. He had been misplaced on the tree. Norval was actually the son of Joseph Trimborn.

26. Anna Cecilia Spellman

Personal knowledge; diaries and scrapbooks of Anne Spellman Leahy

LEAHY--Anne C., age 91 years. Survivors, Son, Justin R., 11grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren
Visitation West Center Chapel, Mon., 6 PM to 8 PM
Thereafter remains forwarded to Park Falls, Wisc., for Mass and Burial.
Heafy-Heafy and Hoffmann/West Center Chapel 78th and W. Center Rd 391-3900

Anne Leahy
Park Falls--Mrs. Anne C. Leahy, 91, a former resident of Park Falls diedOctober 29 at Omaha, Neb.
Surviving are a son, Justin R. Leahy, 11 grandchildren and 13great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. J. D. Leahy in January,1975; and a son, Dr. James J. Leahy, in February, 1978.
Funeral services will be at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, November 4, at St.Anthony's Catholic Church, Park Falls, with the Rev. Fr. Michael Volkmerofficiating. Burial will be in Nola Cemetery, Park Falls.
Visitation is after 3 p.m. on Wednesday, November 3, at the NovitzkeFuneral Home, Park Falls.

Age at death: 91 years, 7 months, 4 days

Pall Bearers:
Norman Hoefferle, Elmer Hoefferle, James Kundinger, Charles Bablick,Anthony Miller, and Joseph Gustin

From Tom Leahy / 4 OCT 2002
I do remember that the big house on 1st Avenue wasn't a verykid-friendly place to be. The bedroom that had been Grandma Spellman'swas especially off limits. There was a back stairway that went from thekitchen up to (I think) the bedroom that had been great-grandpa Leahy's.We weren't allowed to use the stairway but of course that just made itmore attractive. I remember a big apple tree in the backyard, perfectfor climbing, which of course was forbidden. There was always a feelingof formality there that we certainly didn't have at home. I think myMother was always afraid we were going to break something whenever wewere there, and considering we only lived a few blocks away we reallydidn't spend much time there. I always felt much more at ease in the newhouse on 3rd Avenue, don't know why. Maybe it had something to do withus being older or the fact that we moved to White Bear shortly after theybuilt it, so when we were there it was for several days at a time.Anyway, whatever the reason, it was great fun staying there as we gotolder, always lots of treats. An endless supply of coke and squirt forexample which were rationed out at home. Always lots of toys and gamesand books. I was always facinated by whatever art project Grandma wasworking on. It was fun to get her to play the piano, she never wanted tobut if you could talk her into it it was obvious that she loved doing it.

From: Jody (Leahy) Filipi / Saturday, September 28, 2002 9:06 PM
Grandma Leahy was an artist and one of the memories I treasure isher teaching me how do paint using watercolors in the basement of theirnew house in Park Falls. I loved visiting there and sitting outside inthe garden on her lawn furniture and taking in the view of her"mini-nature center". She
loved trees, birds, and flowers and her backyard had plenty of all ofthese things. Another thing I remember is her toy cupboard filled withall sorts of toys and fun things to do. Squirt was a big thing atgrandma's and she had an old pop machine, the kind that looked like achest freezer and the bottles hung ib tracks by their necks and we wereallowed to help ourselves to a pop after asking permission. Grandma alsomade us "Shirley Temples" when we would have dinner at their house duringcocktail hour. The other thing I remember is that as grandchildren wehad the reign of the basement, but the upstairs was another story ...grandma kept a close eye on us up there and would often fluff a pillow assoon as we stood up from sitting on her sofa.

Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy, Grandma Leahy, was a lot more fun and a lotmore tolerant than Grandpa Leahy was. She always wanted to know what wewere doing, and how well we liked our various activities. She encouragedart and music. She was quite good in both. But of all her variousskills, the one I marveled at the most was her knitting. If she weresitting in a chair (other than one at the dining table) she had herneedles out and was knitting. I don't think I ever wore a sweater shedidn't make until I was in high school. (Some of them, of course, werehand-me-downs, but it didn't matter).
After they moved to Omaha and Grandpa Leahy died, Grandma showed mea tea set (it was porcelain with black outsides covered by a large dragonand yellow inside). She said Grandpa Leahy had gotten it in China whilehe was in the service. She asked me what I thought of it. And I toldher it was really pretty cool. She put it away, and I didn't think aboutit again until Mom gave me a box that had my name written on it inGrandma's distinctive script. Inside was that tea set. I keep thinkingI am going to bring it to the Antiques Roadshow the next time it's intown (I missed it the last time) just to see if it's worth anything. Ikeep it in a glassed front cabinet. My wife isn't crazy about it, but Istill think the dragons are cool.--RMLeahy

From Marcia (Leahy) Regan, 3 OCT 2002:
To this day, whenever I think of Grandma Leahy, I think of candy andcookies. Grandma always had something stashed away for us. I lovedgoing to the apartment to visit because she let me do just about anythingI wanted. We spent many afternoons crocheting clothes for my Barbies andmunching on chocolate stars or eating peanut butter cookies with thechocolate stars--YUM!
Another thing I remember about Grandma is her desire for everythingto be "perfect." We had professional photos taken after Dad died, andGrandma didn't think her lipstick looked red enough, so she painted herlips on each of the photos before giving them away. You can still seethe bright red lips in my copy of that picture.

Birth Certificate for Anna Cecilia Spellman
Department of Health and Social Services Section of Vital Records
Certificate No: Vol 39, pg 331
Hales Corner, Milwaukee County, WI (Greenfield Township)
*Amended 2 JUN 1975 (originally: Unnamed Female)

Death Certificate for Anne Cecilia Leahy
Certificate of Death No: 214729
Omaha-Douglas County Health Department Vital Statistics Section Recorded8 NOV 1982
by Daniel J. Worthing, Registrar
Cause of Death: Cervical Spine Cord Compression due to Metastic Cancer toCervical Spine due to Cancer of the Breast

Brief autobio (written in Anne's scrapbook in her own hand):
Graduated from Gesu Grade School (Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI) 1907
Graduated from Holy Angels Academy (Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI) 1911
Attended Marquette Conservatory of Music (Marquette, WI) for two years
Married in Gesu Church in 1916 (see marriage notes for more here)
After WWl, moved to Butternut (Ashland County), WI 1919
Moved to Park Falls (Price County), WI in 1925
Member of Park Falls Women's Club, Park Falls Reading Club
On the Board of Directors, Park Falls Girl Scouts for 10 years
First president of Park Falls Hospital Auxilliary, organized 1952-1953
Charter member of the American Legion Auxilliary, 1928, and served asunit president 3 terms
"Art is my hobby--Many of my paintings have been exhibited in theRegional Art Shows. Three paintings are hung in the State MedicalSociety Art Gallary in Madison (WI)"
Member of the WI Rurak Artists Association.

Justin David Leahy , MD Dr.

From Tom Leahy / 4 OCT 2002
Just thought of a story my dad used to tell that might explainGrandma and Grandpa's early attitude toward children, maybe they werestill suffering from the shellshock of raising two boys who according tomy father took advantage of any and every opportunity to embarrass theirparents. Now you have to understand that truth wasn't always importantwhen my dad was telling a story, he was after all originally a lawyer.Anyway, we always thought that Grandma didn't drive, but apparently shedid learn to drive sometime in the early 1930s and had a brand new littlecoupe that she was very proud of. She came out to the garage one day tofind that her boys, with some help from friends, had turned the carsideways in the garage so that there was no possible way to move itexcept to pick it up and turn it again. She was supposedly so upset thatshe sold the car and never drove again.
Shortly after Dianne and I were married we spent a weekend in ParkFalls. Grandpa insisted on taking Dianne to tour his clinic and the newhospital. Grandma had a "cocktail party" to introduce us to theirfriends - a little strange, but very nice too. Sometimes going to ParkFalls felt like stepping back into the 1950s. We had a good time stayingup half the night listening to Grandpa tell stories about the early daysof his practice in Butternut and Park Falls. I remember another tripthere when Jenny was a baby. We arrived on a Saturday evening, Grandmawas at church - Grandpa didn't go any more because the steps at the oldSt. Anthony's were to much for him. We left Jenny, sound asleep, homewith Grandpa and went to find Grandma at church, right where he said shewould be, in the first pew. When we got back Jen was wide awake playingwith her great grandfather. I think there was a softer side to this manthat he didn't let many people see.

From: Jody (Leahy) Filipi / Saturday, September 28, 2002 9:06 PM
Grandpa Leahy was our more formal grandpa. I remember him as alwaysbeing a dapper dresser, no matter the occasion. My memories of grandpainclude those of Robert's although I was too old to benefit from thequarters he handed out for quiet after we moved to our 38th Street home.I also have memoried like Jim's... sitting in a chair with Grandpa,showing him my Barbie or reading to him. Maybe our large family justoverwhelmed him. Dad often told us this story.... when he was young, whenhe or Bob wanted to speak with their dad, to ask him something important,they would have to go to the waiting room of his office and wait untilgrandpa was done seeing the "paying patients." Then they could see him.

Justin D. Leahy, Grandpa Leahy, had a stern visage and, from a kid'spoint of view, a mean demeanor. My oldest brother, Jim, said he wasn'talways like that. He even remembered Grandpa Leahy playing ball in theyard when he was young. But I don't have any of those memories. Iremember his paying me (and my brothers and sisters-lest you think I wasthe only one to make noise) to be quiet or go outside and play. Iremember the gold mine my middle sister Janet found when Grandpa andGramma came down for Christmas the year she had the chicken pox ormeasles. She would lie on the couch and groan just loud enough todistract Grandpa from whatever show he was watching, and he would pay hera quarter to stop!
I know Grandpa liked football and baseball. And he and GrandmaLeahy both golfed. But the thing I remember most is his sitting in a bigarmchair at his house or ours and reading the paper from cover to cover.And not wanting to be bothered by anyone while he did it. Not me. NotDad. Not even Grandma!--RMLeahy

From Marcia (Leahy) Regan, 3 OCT 2002:
I'm sad to say that I don't remember that much about Grandpa Leahyas he died when I was still pretty young. I do remember that he LOVEDHogan's Heroes, and that anyone who talked while that was on paid theprice. The only other thing I remember is that after they moved in withus we had to be careful not to let Grandpa answer the phone because, ifanyone asked for Dr. Leahy, he gave them advice instead of giving Dad thephone., 14 NOV 2001
1920 14th Federal Census
Wisconsin, Ashland County, Butternut Village, page 2B
7th January 1920, Millie Hudiner
Leahy, Justine* D., head, 27, physician
Anna, wife, 27
Justine* R., son, 1

U.S. Federal Census: 1930 . Wisconsin . Price . All Townships . District17
Park Falls City, 2nd Ward
4-5 APR 1930, Jenny R. Paquin, enumerator
Sheet 4B (p. 8 on Ancestry), lines 64-67, house number 335 (1st AvenueNorth), dwelling 78, family 78
Leahy, Justin D., head, value of home: $20,000, 38, married when 25,born WI, parents born WI, medical doctor, private practice,
Anna, wife, 38, married when 25, born WI, father born OH, mother bornWI,
Robert, son, 12, born WI
James, son, 10, born WI

Personal knowledge; notes and scrapbooks of Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy;Omaha World Herald obit and other obits.

SS# from SSDI: 388-30-3092

Justin D. Leahy moved from Butternut, WI to Park Falls, WI, where hepracticed family medicine until his retirment.
Justin David Leahy, MD
Justin D. Leahy, MD, 82, former Park Falls physician, died Jan. 16,1975 in Omaha, Neb.
Born July 29, 1892 in Random Lake, Wis., Doctor Leahy graduated fromLoyola University School of Medicine, Chicago, and served his internshipat Alexian Brothers Hospital in Chicago. He served in the United StatesArmy Medical Corps during World War I and received the British MilitaryCross for his services on the Western Front. Doctor Leahy located in theButternut area after service and in 1925 moved to Park Falls. Hepracticed in Park Falls until his retirement in 1972.
Dr. Leahy was a member of the State Medical Society's "50 Year Club"and also served as secretary and president of the Price-Taylor CountyMedical Society. Dr. Leahy served as councilor of the thirteenth districtfor 12 years, was speaker of the House of Delegates in 1958, and servedon the State Medical Society's Committee on Grievances for many years.
He was also a member of the American Medical Association, AmericanAcademy of Family Physicians, and the American Association of RailroadSurgeons.
Surviving are his widow, Ann; two sons, Justin Robert of Rice Lake,and Dr. James J. of Omaha, Neb.

* * *

Pallbearers: Roman Stueber, Wenzel Boyer, Norman Hoefferle, JamesBelland, Charles Kilger, and Adolph Prickril.

* * *

4th Degree Knights: Raymond Bourgeois, Charles Bahlick, Eugene Gannon,Patrick Donlin, Felix Weber, Anthony Miller, Robert Hammerstrom, JosephBudaj, and Carl Hartway,

* * *

(From the Park Falls Herald, 21 JAN 1975)
Justin David Leahy, M.D., 82, a resident of Omaha, Nebraska,formerly a 50-year resident of Park Falls, passed away suddenly at hishome at Omaha, Nebraska January 16, 1975. Funeral services for Dr. Leahywere held January 20th at St. Anthony's Church with Rev. WilliamDougherty officiating. Interment was made at Nola Cemetery. The remainswere in state at Novitzke Funeral Home after 3:00 p.m. Sunday, January19th. Knights of Columbus prayers for the departed and rosary were heldSunday evening.
Doctor Justin David Leahy was born July 29th, 1892 at Random Lake,Wisconsin, where he spent his early life. He was a graduate of MarquetteHigh School and Loyola University. On July 19th, 1916, He was married toAnne Spellman at Gesu Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
After service in World War I, they moved to Butternut, where Dr.Leahy set up practice. The relocated to Park Falls in 1925, where hepracticed until his retirement in 1972.
He was active in civic and medical organizations during hislifetime. In 1965 he was honored by the State Medical Society and theCity of Park Falls for 50 years of service in medicine to the community.
He is survived by his wife, Anne, of Omaha, Nebraska; 2 sons, JustinRobert, of Rice Lake, and James Joseph, of Omaha, Nebraska; 11grandchildren; and 6 great grandchildren.
--from Wisconsin Medical Journal, April 1975:Vol.74
[from papers of Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy;
courtesy of Jody (Leahy) Filipi]

From: ebusby
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 3:58 PM
Subject: Re: Hospital photos
Glad to hear that you received the photos and that they were ok.The "new" hospital is still in operation as a hospital facility but theold clinic that was built as an attached structure years ago has beenshut down to all intents and purposes and replaced by a new clinic whichis owned and operated by the Marshfield Clinic out of Marshfield,Wisconsin. There's also been considerable renovation to the existinghospital to keep it up to date in terms of its capabilities.
Glad to have been of some assistance. Sincerely, Edward Busby

27. Leonard C. Spellman

Information on L. Spellman and family taken from information contained inscrapbooks of Mrs. Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy (--his sister), including hernotes on genealogy and obituary clipping.

1920 census: see notes for father, James M. Spellman

U.S. Census > 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Wisconsin > Milwaukee >Milwaukee (Districts 251-337) > District 294 --Sheet 28B
Line 20, Spellman, Leonard C., 38, dept. mgr--hosiery
Also listed: wife, Mary L.; daughters, Katherine and Mary

Leonard C. Spellman

Services for Leonard C. Spellman, 61, of 2567 N. 58th st., who diedMonday at his home after a long illness, will be at 8:30 a.m. Thursday atthe Becker Funeral Home, 5330 W. Lisbon av., and at 9:00 a.m. at St.Catherine's Catholic church. He was manager of the receiving departmentat the Holeproof Hosiery Co. until he became ill last March. Mr. Spellmanwas born in Hales Corners and lived in Milwaukee most of his life. He wasemployed at Holeproof for 31 years. He formerly was a districtcommissioner of the Milwaukee County Boy Scout council, and was active atSt. Catherine's church.

Surviving are his wife, Mary; two daughters, Mrs. Richard Serres,Milwaukee, and Mrs. Willis T. Langer, Decater, Ill.; a son, Cpl. James,in the army at Fort Sheridan, Ill., and a sister, Mrs. Justin D. Leahy,Park Falls, Wis.

Burial will be in Oshkosh, Wis.

Milwaukee Journal
9 DEC 1953

* * *

Spellman--Leonard C., 2567 N. 58th st., Beloved husband of Mary Spellmannee Miller; father of Mrs. Richard Serres, Mrs. Willard T. Langer,Decatur, Ill., Cpl. James M. Spellman, Fort Sheridan, Ill.; 2grandchildren, 2 sons-in-law, and one sister, Mrs. J. D. Leahy, ParkFalls, Wis., also survive; passed away Dec. 7, 1953, aged 61 years.Funeral services Thurs., Dec. 10, at 8:30 a.m., from the funeral home ofJ. H. Becker and Sons, W. Lisbon av. At N. 54th st., St. Catherine'schurch at 9 a.m. Interment Riverside cemetery, Oshkosh, Wis. Members ofHoly Name Society, Boy Scouts, Usher's society and Third Order of St.Francis will meet for vigil at 7:30 p.m. In state Wed. after 3 p.m.

--source of second item unknown, probably also the Milwaukee Journal
[from the papers of Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy;
courtesy of Jody (Leahy) Filipi]

Mary Louise Miller

SSN: 391-34-5549 LKR: Milwaukee, WI
DOB changed from 1895 to 1894 based on this record.

Complete middle name from Dave Triatik's copy of Anne C. (Spellman)Leahy's notes. DOD from same source--written in by Dave Triatik.

31. Isabel Trimborn

Wisconsin Vital Records Indexes, Pre-1907 Birth Index, Marriages, andDeath Indexes, 15 JAN 2001.
Name: Isabel Trimborn
Birth Date: 29 May 1903
County: Waukesha
Reel: 0301
Record: 000856

Anthony Leo Merz

1930 U.S. Federal Census • Wisconsin • Milwaukee • Milwaukee (Districts251-337) • District 253 --Sheet 19B
Merz, Anthony, 25
Also listed: wife, Isabelle

Edwin Reinke

SSDI 15 JAN 2001:
SSN 388-10-6795 Residence: 53089 Sussex, Waukesha, WI
Born 23 May 1907 Last Benefit:
Died 14 Jan 1988 Issued: WI (Before 1951)

35. Conrad L. Trimborn , Jr.

Information on C. Trimborn and family taken from information contained inscrapbooks of Mrs. Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy, including her notes ongenealogy and obituary clipping.
Conrad L. Trimborn. Jr.

Bridge Firm Official Dies

Conrad L. Trimborn, 66, chairman of the board of the Milwaukee BridgeCo., 3282 N. 35th st., died Monday of a lung ailment at his home, 4523 N.Murray av., Shorewood. He was elected chairman in 1959, after spendinghis entire career with the firm. It was founded in 1902 as a railwayconstruction firm by his late father, Conrad, sr.

Mr. Trimborn was first elected to the board in 1934 as secretary. In1941, he became treasurer as well, and in 1958, he was electedvice-president.

Native of Milwaukee

Mr. Trimborn, a native of Milwaukee, was a graduate of the oldGerman-English academy, now the Milwaukee University school. He alsoattended Marquette university and the University of Chicago.

He was a lover of music and an amateur photographer. He was a member ofthe Milwaukee Athletic club.

Survivors include his wife, Bernice L.; a daughter, Miss Holly,Shorewood; a brother, Henry A., Mequon, president of the company, and asister, Mrs. Ruth T. Maas, Oconomowoc.

Services on Thursday

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Feerick funeral home,2025 E. Capitol dr., Shorewood. The body will be at the funeral home from5 to 8 p.m. Wednesday. Burial will be in the Forest Home cemetery.

The family suggests that contributions be made to chapter No. 232* of theCystic Fribrosis Research Foundation.

* * *

Trimborn, Conrad L. July 3, 1961, aged 66 years, residence, 4523 N.Murray av., husband of Bernice L. Trimborn, father of Holly A. Trimborn,brother of Henry A. Trimborn and Mrs. Ruth T. Maas. Services at FeerickFuneral Home, 2025 E. Capitol dr. at N. Frederick av., Shorewood, 2 p.m. Internment Forest Home. Friends may call Wed. from 5 to 8 p.m.If desired, contributions may be made to Cystic Fibrosis ResearchFoundation chapter No. 223*

* * *

*Chapter No.s for the foundation do not match in the two articles.

--from The Milwaukee Journal
[from the papers of Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy;
courtesy of Jody (Leahy) Filipi]

1920 U.S. Census • Wisconsin • Milwaukee • Milwaukee • ED# 59
12 JAN 1920, Loretta Rice, enumerator
p. 7B (image 14 on Ancestry), lines 98-100, dwelling 114, family 194
Trimborn, Conrad, head, 24, born WI, parents born WI, assistantsecretary, bridge company
Margarite, wife, 24, born IL, father born OH, mother born NY
Castage*, Ward, father-in-law, 65, born OH, parents born USA
p. 8A (image 15 on Ancestry)
Lucille, sister-in-law, 40, born OH, parents listed above, operatorfor phone company
Wooster, Richard, lodger, 46, born VT, parents born VT, clerk forinsurance company
*not readable

Grave at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee
Lot 10, Block 2, Section 37, #3

Bernice Lewitzke

Last name from GENE POOL RECORDS,, 15 JAN 2001.

Grave at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee
Lot 10, Block 2, Section 37, #4

36. Ruth Matilda Trimborn

Death Date Confirmed by SSDI; SS#: 394-16-0925
Last residence: Ashippun, Dodge County, WI 53066

Grave at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee
Lot 10, Block 2, Section 37, #6

Raymond Louis Maas

Ancestry of Raymond Mass from Marla Swanson file accessed onFAMILYSEARCH.ORG 2 MAR 2000.

DOB changed to 1899 based on 1930 Census (see below)
1930 U.S. Federal Census • Wisconsin • Milwaukee • Whitefish Bay •District 406 --Sheet 2A
Maas, Raymond L., 31
Also listed: wife, Ruth T.; children, Jack T., Marilyn R., and Edward H.

MAAS RAYMOND LOUIS 1899 02 19 MAAS MALE WI MARIN1958 05 04 396166079 59

37. Henry Arthur Trimborn

SSDI 15 JAN 2001:
SSN 387-05-0419 Residence: 53092 Thiensville, Ozaukee, WI
Born 16 Apr 1902 Last Benefit:
Died Jul 1982 Issued: WI (Before 1951) SSDI 15 JAN 2001.

1930 U.S. Federal Census • Wisconsin • Milwaukee • Shorewood • District361 --Sheet 29B
Trimborn, Henry A., 28
Also listed: wife, Edna D.; children, James E., and Joan S.

Grave at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee
Lot 10, Block 2, Section 37, #7

Edna Dee Sanders

SSDI 15 JAN 2001:
SSN 398-46-0353 Residence: 53092 Thiensville, Ozaukee, WI
Born 5 Feb 1904 Last Benefit:
Died 16 Feb 1999 Issued: WI (1963)

Grave at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee
Lot 10, Block 2, Section 37, #8

66. James Edward Trimborn

SSDI 15 JAN 2001:
SSN 397-26-9341 Residence: 53211 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
Born 21 Apr 1928 Last Benefit:
Died 5 May 2000 Issued: WI (Before 1951)

Grave at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee
Lot 76, Block --, Section 37, #1

39. Eunice Kathryn Cornelia Mary Trimborn

Information for death/burial found in address book of Kay A.(Lillestrand) Leahy; recorded 27 FEB 2001.

SSN 321-28-3610 Residence: 91502 Burbank, Los Angeles, CA
Born 29 Mar 1894
Died Nov 1984 Issued: IL (1951)


Joseph E. Lippert

DOB/DOD name from Priscilla Wright Hausmann, received 16 AUG 2002. Samenote gives place of burial as well as occupation: cost manager/Simmons Co.

1920 U.S. Census . Wisconsin . Kenosha . Kenosha . ED# 7
8 JAN 1920, Mrs. Mary E. Welch, enumerator
sheet 11 A (Image 21 on Ancestry), lines 45-47, dwelling
234, family 235
Lippert, Joseph E., head, 32, born WI, father born GER,
mother born AUS, asst mgr: bed factory
Eunice, wife, 24, born WA, parents born WI
David, son, >1 (born 1919), born WI

1930 U.S. Federal Census • Wisconsin • Kenosha • Kenosha • District 10--Sheet 22B
Lippert, Joseph E., 45
Also listed: wife, Ennie; sons, David and Wayne

69. David James Trimborn Lippert , PhD

Places of birth/death and complete DOD name from Priscilla WrightHausmann, received 16 AUG 2002.

SSN 399-09-6243
Born 23 May 1919 Last Benefit: 54901 Oshkosh, Winnebago, WI
Died May 1983 Issued: WI (Before 1951)

40. Werner J. Trimborn

According to note left by Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy, youngest daughter,Sue, who lived in TN at the time of her father's death, did not attendhis funeral.

Also, on same note, there is mention of a Henry and his children James,Joan and Jeff, but I don't know who Henry is at this time. (OCT 1999)

Information on W. Trimborn and family taken from information contained inscrapbooks of Mrs. Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy, including her notes ongenealogy and obituary clipping.

SSDI 15 JAN 2001:
SSN 392-38-6833 Residence: 54946 King, Waupaca, WI
Born 22 Sep 1896 Last Benefit:
Died Aug 1976 Issued: WI (1956 And 1957)

Wisconsin Vital Records Indexes, Pre-1907 Birth Index, Marriages, andDeath Indexes, 15 JAN 2001.
Name: Werner J Trimborn
Birth Date: 22 Sep 1896
County: Milwaukee
Reel: 0207
Record: 002854
Werner J. Trimborn

Born September 22, 1896, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Werner J. Trimborn passedaway August 3, 1976 in Madison Wisconsin.

Services were held in Olson Hall Chapel on Thursday, August 5 at 1:30p.m., the Rev. Father Orville Catuso, Catholic Chaplain, officiating.Interment, Wisconsin Veterans Memorial cemetery, King, Wisconsin.

Casket bearers were Roy Imm, Raymond Skiba, Alvin Wandry, Bernard Miller,Albert Smith and Wesley Horton.

--created from A. J. Holly and Sons, Ltd., Funeral Directors, mortuaryinformation
[from the papers of Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy;
courtesy of Jody (Leahy) Filipi]

1930 U.S. Federal Census • Wisconsin • Milwaukee • Whitefish Bay •District 405 --Sheet 20B
Trimborn, Werner J., 33
Also listed: wife, Beulah H., daughters, Barbara, Suzanne and Diane

Beulah Carpenter Butler

SSN 396-76-0201 Residence: 54946 King, Waupaca, WI
Born 10 Jul 1897
Died Jan 1985 Issued: WI (1976)

Complete name from Priscilla Wright Hausmann, received 16 AUG 2002. Notegives DOB as: 9 MAR 1896; also gives complete DOD

41. Genevieve Marie Ann Trimborn

Wisconsin Vital Records Indexes, Pre-1907 Birth Index, Marriages, andDeath Indexes, 15 JAN 2001.
Name: Genevieve M Trimborn
Birth Date: 07 Feb 1901
County: Milwaukee
Reel: 0197
Record: 001605

SSN 391-40-2230 Residence: 53095 West Bend, Washington, WI
Born 7 Feb 1901
Died 24 May 1997 Issued: WI (1958 And 1959)

James Abell Wright

Information on the ancestry of James Abell Wright, World Fmily Tree, Vol. 1, tree #5893, accessed 23APR 2001.

SSN 395-01-3073 Residence: 53095 West Bend, Washington, WI
Born 7 Aug 1900
Died 4 Mar 1990 Issued: WI (Before 1951)

Wisconsin Vital Records Indexes, Pre-1907 Birth Index, Marriages, andDeath Indes.
Name: James A Wright
Birth Date: 07 Aug 1900
County: Green
Reel: 0078
Record: 002252

1930 U.S. Federal Census • Wisconsin • Milwaukee • Milwaukee (Districts1-250) • District 225 --Sheet 3A
Wright, James A., 29
Also listed: wife, Genevieve; daughter, Joan.