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Werner Trimborn Family


2. Werner Trimborn

Some information on W. Trimborn and family taken from informationcontained in scrapbooks of Mrs. Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy, including hernotes on genealogy and obituary clipping.

Name: Werner Trimborn
Date of Death: 7/30/1879
Date of Burial: 7/30/1879
Age at Death: 78
Marital Status: Unknown
Last Address: 673 East Water St
Funeral Home: Zander
Cemetery: Calvary Cemetery
Location: Block: 7, Row: 241

Trimborn Farm Web Site:, 17 NOV 2001
1850 WI Federal Census ID# WI57a541629
Milwaukee City, 1st Ward, Milwaukee County,
15 AUG 1850, Henry Miller
p. 15, lines 41-42 and p. 16, lines 1-3
Werner Trimborn, 50, born in Germany, Occupation: Teaming*
Catherine, 38, born in Germany
August, 17, ", occupation: Teaming
Leonard**, 16, "
Helena, 12, ", attended school within last year
*Teaming is my best guess at what was given for occupation; it probablyhas something to do with the teams of horses used to pull the lime andlumber that was sold from the farm.
**Leonard's name looked anything like L-E-O-N-A-R-D. My first impressionwas that the name stated with a "Q." The last four letters looked like"hurt" to me and "hust" to Cheryl.
Note: Werner's (1802) and August's (1831) ages don't match DOBs in file.

1870 WI Federal Census
Wisconsin, MILWAUKEE, Roll 1726 Book 1, Page 170b
Milwaukee, 1st Ward
3 JUN 1870 / Peter Huegin (sp?), enumerator
lines 10-22, dwelling 57, family 77
Trimborn, Werner, 69, manufacturing lime, real estate: $37,000,personal estate: $25,000, born PRUS
Leonard, 35, manufacturing lime, born PRUS
Anna, 32, keeping house, born PRUS
Meiser, Helene, 31, keeping house, born PRUS
Conrad, 32, passenger agent, born BAV
Mary R., 5, born WI
Leonard, >1, born WI
(Trimborn,) Josef, 7, born WI
Helene, 6, born WI
August, 4, born WI
Conrad, 3, born WI
Peter, 1, born WI
Peter (uncle), 80, born PRUS
Order of children a little confusing. Josef, Helene, August, Conrad andPeter are children of Leonard and Anna.

1880 Census: see notes for son, Leonard.

Wisconsin Vital Records Death Index, 15 JAN 2001.
Name: Herner (sic) Trimborn
Death Date: 30 Jul 1879
County: Milwaukee
Volume: 02
Page: 0556
Reel: 059
Image: 2050
Index Volume: 01
Sequence #: 393162

Werner Trimborn

German pioneers mourn the death of another of their now narrow circle.Werner Trimborn died at 3 o’clock yesterday morning at the advanced ageof 77 years, after an illness since May last.

The deceased was born in Geig, circuit of Dueren, Prussia, in 1802, andemigrated to America in 1847, arriving in Milwaukee on the 24th of Julyin that year, steaming up the lake in company with the parents of P. V.Duester. Not long after his settlement here, he built lime-kilns in thetown of Greenfield and conducted the manufacture so assiduously that heachieved a competence, his son sharing the business with him when ageprevented him from yielding the industry the care it required.

The deceased pioneer, whose wife had long preceded him to the home whenceno traveler ever returns, leaves two sons, August and Leonard, the latterthe present alderman for the First Ward, and a daughter, Mrs. ConradMizer. His funeral will be from his late home at 673 East Water Street,at half-past 7 o’clock on Friday morning.

Obituary from Milwaukee Sentinel, dated July 31, 1879
[form the Milwaukee County Historical Society;
courtesy of Margo Goetz]

* * *

Jesus! Mary! Joseph!

He who fears the Lord, on the day of his death will be blessed.
Sirach, 1:13

To the pious Undenfen
at the wohlachibaren

Werner Trimborn

The same died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 30 July 1879, at 3 o'clock in themorning, having been sick for three months, at Leberentzundung andUltersichwache. He received all the blessings and protections offered bythe Catholic church during his illness.

The deceased was born in Geich, Kreks Duren, Aachen, Prussia on 18October 1802 and was married around 1825 or 1826 to Anna Maria Klock who,in 1844, died and left this temporal world. In 1846, he married for aseond time to the Widow Anna Katharina (nee Henseler) Jordan, who died on30 October 1861. On 22 May 1847, he left Germany and on 24 July of thesame year he arrived in Milwaukee.

The departed believed in the holy catholic faith, contributed ingenerously to church church and school and other worthy causes. Hebelieved in providing for the poor and was, in the true sense of theword, a brother, for what was his was God's.

The deceased is survived by two sons, a daughter, a son-in-law, twodaughters-in-law, ten grandchildren and a brother. All the mournersrecommend the soul of the departed God's pity and the pious wish thatwhatever his sins, they may soon be wiped clean that he may have eternalpeace.


O God, lend to the soul of your servant Werner, blessed among yourchildren, the peace he has earned, and all that our prayers attain. Amen.

--partially translated from German, source unknown
[from the papers of Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy;
courtesy of Jody (Leahy) Filipi]

Anna Katherine Hensler Jordan

Age based on 1850 Census (See notes for husband, Werner).
Anna was married previously to a man named Hensler; she had a son by this marriage who accompanied her to the USA. The son's name may have been William.

3. Peter Trimborn

Name: Peter Trimborn
Date of Death: 3/6/1887
Date of Burial: 3/6/1887
Age at Death: 93
Marital Status: Unknown
Last Address: 175 16 St.
Funeral Home: Zander
Cemetery: Calvary Cemetery
Location: Block: 7, Row: 241

7. John Trimborn

Wisconsin Vital Records Death Index, 15 JAN 2001 (probablematch).
Name: John Trimborn
Death Date: 16 Sep 1907
County: Milwaukee
Volume: 35
Page: 0600
Reel: 100
Image: 0665
Index Volume: 11
Sequence #: 393163