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Walking The Denton Rail Branch Trail


Some have asked what I do other than work on cemeteries, write and take care of Cheryl.  One of the things I try to do everyday is walk.  I prefer to walk outside, and so I use the Denton Rail Branch trail.


From my apartment, (red H near “Par” on map on right) it’s a little more than a quarter mile to my starting point on the trail at mile 725.25.


I usually take the Northern Route (click for pics) on Mondays and Fridays if I have errands to run as the US Post Office and Hobby Lobby are both near the Golden Triangle Mall.  The “stop” shown north of the mall is the location of the Post Office (mile 723).  Hobby Lobby is across the street from the mall on the SW corner of Loop 288 and Colorado.  The advantage of the north route is that is also has easily accessed watering holes (Sonic, Burger King and Arby's).


The Southern Route (click for pics) goes to mile 227.5, near NCTC (North Central Texas College).  No watering holes this direction.  But less construction.