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Lars Larsen Lillestrand Family


95. Bernice Doris Lillestrand

Death date/place and burial from Earl Lillestrand info received 2 APR2000.

SSDI 7 AUG 2001:
SSN 472-01-9938 Residence: 54849 Lake Nebagamon, Douglas, WI
Born 15 Oct 1918
Died Apr 1990 Issued: MN (Before 1951)

Rudolph Frank "Rudy" Gabrys

Corrected DOD/Place of death from
SSDI 7 AUG 2001:
SSN 391-10-4655 Residence: 54849 Lake Nebagamon, Douglas, WI
Born 10 Oct 1918
Died 22 Dec 1988 Issued: WI (Before 1951)

Worked as a stock manager for General Metalware Co, Minneapolis, HennepinCounty, MN. Woodworking was his life-long hobby.

97. Katherine Alvina Lillestrand

Personal knowledge and Omaha World Herald obit.

Personal knowledge and Omaha World Herald obit.
Occupation-Army nurse; office manager in husband's office; nurse
Education-see below
Religion-Lutheran; convert to Roman Catholic
Medical conditions: high blood pressure; coronary artery disease
Father-Karl Bernard Lillestrand
Mother-Elizabeth Johanna "Lizzie" (Christensen) Vant (remarried to IrelG. Vant after death of Karl

The Kay Leahy I remember was hard working and willing to help anyone andeveryone in any way she could. She worried about others far more thanshe worried about herself. One of the projects she became quite involvedin after her husband died was the funeral support services of herchurch. At the time of her husband's death, the church did not provideas much support to the families as it does now, and I think my motherwould be proud of the difference she made in that area of the church'sministry.
In the kitchen, Mom was a gadget person. I once told her I wasgoing to invent the electric fork for her, which I thought washysterically funny at the time (I think I was a freshman in HighSchool--so I was pretty impressed with everything I did then). Shedidn't think much of that idea, but she did like her other toys: She hadspecial dishes for every conceivable kind of food preparation, andmechanical devices to help with the same. There was the noodle maker andsalad spinner, the electric juicer, the dehydrater, the magic mealsealer.... And all of the toys were marvelous to behold, but they suretook up a lot of room in the kitchen. When I came home from college onbreaks, the counters would be covered with the contraptions. And, Iwould make the mistake of putting them away. The next morning, sheneeded almost everything brought back out for some project or another.What she needed was a bigger kitchen. If she had had the space, I thinkmy mother would have gladly catered any function anyone wanted to puton. Mom's forte was dessert: cookies, cakes and pastries (we won'tmention the prune torte, as every cook is entitled to a few items thatdon't quite make the grade...).
The one thing I would have wished for Mom was more forgiving senseof self. She didn't share my dad's ability to find humor in the thingsshe did. That may be my remembering her more after Dad died thatbefore. I don't think she was ever really happy after Dad died(--RMLeahy).

From David S. Leahy, 8 OCT 2002:
I have one memory of Mom that sticks in my mind. After Dad died, Ispent a lot of time driving Mom around, but she would never tell me allthe stops that were going to be made. She figured, "Once you're in thecar, it's on the way." I took a trip to Minnesota to bring Mom homeafter she visited Grandma (Vant). I made one mistake: I let mom drive soI could get sleep as this was an up-and-back trip. Mom decided to takea detour and see relatives in S. Dakota. When I woke, we were pullingonto a gravel road. I asked where we were and she told me. We had lunchwith her relatives, I saw a nice collection of old tractors and lawnmowers, and then we finished the trip home with me behind the wheel. Istill use the saying, "Once you're in the car, it's on the way," but Idon't necessarily follow it.

From Marcia (Leahy) Regan, 3 OCT 2002:
In a lot of ways, I had a different Mom than my brothers andsisters, and while I share some of the same kinds of Mom memories as theolder folks, they are not the things that stand out most when I think ofher.
Although she sometimes had strange ways of showing it, family wasprobably the most important thing in Mom's life. And she never hesitatedto give her advice when she thought it was needed.
One of the funniest things I remember occurred when I was a juniorin high school: Mom was in the hospital for her first heart surgery andGrandma L had just died. Dave and I were going to the funeral in WI,and I couldn't get an extension on a paper for a government class. Momdecided she'd write the paper for me while I was gone. She got a C+ andwas furious!
I also remember Mom's almost instantaneous ability to cry. Sheworked this to her advantage when she was upset, but it also snuck up onher whenever she was very happy or proud. The first time I ever played asolo at a contest she came along, and I remember looking up as I finishedto see her crying. I thought I'd really messed it up. It got to thepoint that I never looked at her at concerts because invariably she'dhave tears in her eyes....
I also remember all the ceramics she made and the cakes and candiestoo. Everything she made for me was pink--imagine that!

Christened Alvina Katherine. Graduated from nursing school with thatname. New birth certificate issued with name Katherine Alvina.
Birth Certificate for Katherine Alvina Lillestrand
Mound Village, Hennepin County, State of Minnesota
Births for 1921 Recorded 2 MAR 1921 by William McFarland
*Note: Birth Record amended 29 JULY 1946 by R, L, Brown, Deputy Clerk,District Court, 4th Judicial District, Hennepin County, MN
(originally named Alvina Katherine; known thereafter as Kay A.)

ssn: 476-10-5967

Academic, Military and Professional information
-Member National Honor Society, South High School, Minneapolis (MN)Public Schools, 26 MAY 1937
-Graduated from South High School, Minneapolis (MN) Public Schools, 17JUN 1938 (diploma)
-Graduated from St. Andrew's Hospital School of Nursing, 1943
-Minnesota Board of Nursing, Registered Nurse, 9 DEC 1943 (#21484; issuedto Katherine Alvina Lillestrand)
-American Red Cross Nursing Service, American Red Cross Nurse, 7 FEB 1944(#148,830; issued to Alvina Katherine Lillestrand)
-Served in ETO as Army nurse: England and France: 78th Field Hospital 22MAR 1945-23 JUL 1946 (EAME Theatre Ribbon, 2 Oversears Service Bars,Victory Medal; rank 2nd Lt, 22 MAR 1945; promoted to 1st Lt., 4 JUN 1946(note, papers in the possession of Jody Leahy Filipi, oldest daughter ofKay Leahy, show that there was some confusion in the promotion processwith duplicate promotion orders given 27 JUN 1946).
-Separation Record, Army of the United States (serial # N 794 979; rank1st Lt.)
-Received a BS in nursing from the College of St. Francis in Joliet, IL.
-Attended the University of MN.
-Attended College of St. Mary's, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska,1962-1964.
-State of Nebraska, Professional Registered Nurse, 7 NOV 1978 (#33944)
-Completed course work through St. Anthony's in Minneapolis, HennepinCounty, MN

Katherine A. "Kay" Leahy

LEAHY--Katherine A. (Kay), age 66 years. Widow of the late Dr. James J.Leahy. Survived by her daughters, Mrs. David (Jody) Filipi, Mrs. David(Janet) Janda, Marcia Leahy, all of Omaha; sons, Dr. James D., OverlandPark, KS, Lt. Commander Kevin B., San Diego, CA, Dr, Robert M.,Levelland, TX, David S., Omaha; mother, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Vant; sister,Mrs. Marshall (Betty) Daniels, Mound, MN; 6 grandchildren.

Services, Mon, 8:00 AM, Westside Chapel to St. Pius X Church at 8:30 AM.Interment, Calvary Cemetery. Rosary Sun, 8 PM, Westside Chapel. Memorialsto St. Pius X Church, for Kay Leahy, no flowers.

John A. Gentleman
Westside Chapel
72nd & Western Avenue, 391-1664

--from Omaha World Herald, 31 MAY 1987
[courtesy of Jody (Leahy) Filipi.

From a draft of a letter written to Janice (Black) Ziegenbush Elkins byKay Leahy, dated 18 SEPT 1977:
"In the [Genealogy of the Descendants of Henry and Elsabe Gosch andTheir Descendants] book, I am listed as Alvina Katherine Lillestrand, butit should be Katherine Alvina. I changed it legally when I finished highschool. In school, it was always pronounced wrong or I was called"Alvin"--I was tiring [of] telling people I was a girl and not a boy...."

James Joseph Leahy , MD Dr.

Personal knowledge and Omaha World Herald obit.

Occupation-Physician: Family Practice; Professor of Family Medicine,University of Nebraska Medical
Center (Omaha)
Education-see below
Religion-Roman Catholic
Medical conditions: silent heart attack (Acute Myocardial Infarction)
Address, Phone/Fax, and E-mail-deceased
Father-Justin David Leahy
Mother-Anne C. (Spellman) Leahy

The James Leahy I remember was a passionate man with many diverseinterests. In football, he liked the Green Bay Packers and the ChicagoBears and, of course, the Fighting Irish of the University of NotreDame. And he disliked teams with an equal intensity, such as theUniversity of Nebraska Cornhuskers. We had a natural rivalry with theCornhuskers. He always told me I didn't know any better. And I alwaysrooted against the Bears just to give him a hard time. It was more funto watch a game when we didn't root for the same teams.
One thing Dad could do was whistle. It was a L O U D, piercingwhistle that could be heard through walls of houses blocks away. When wewere young, Dad would step out on the back porch and whistle. It was oursignal that it was time to head for home. And everyone around knew it.If caught dawdling on the way home, whomever we passed would say, "Youbetter hurry. Your dad whistled for you five minutes ago." In order toproduce the whistle, he curled his 2nd and 3rd fingers down, placed his1st and 4th digits in the corners of his mouth, and blew (--if he onlyknew that he was making the U of TX "hook'em horns" gesture, he probablywould have quit it (see above comments on football)). His face turnedred when he did it. Dad tried to show me how to do it a number oftimes. I could never get it to work. I really think the trick hadsomething to do with his dentures!
When I was in high school, Dad and I, and Gramma Vant, when she wasin town, would often share a late night cup of coffee and maybe somethingto go with it (especially when Gramma Vant was in town). We wouldhalf-listen to the news and Johnny Carson, and talk. The one thing Ilearned from him is that nothing should be taken too seriously. Thatphilosophy probably explains why he was so gentle and compassionate. Andwhy he could laugh at himself with such ease. And those are thequalities in him I most admire and try (yes, I do try) to emulate.
Dad said the Irish like to tease those they love. And he liked totease all of his children and his wife and his parents and in-laws. Healways did it with a twinkle in his eye. And I think he hoped we wouldlearn to laugh at ourselves, too (--RMLeahy).

From David S. Leahy, 10 OCT 2002:
I can still see dad sitting at the desk doing paper work from theoffice. He was usually there until around news time. He would stopworking if you had anything you needed help with or if you had a questionthat needed an answer. If the problem was with Mom, he would tell youjust to agree with
her--even if she was wrong.
He always had a stash of candy in the left hand drawer of the desk,either circus peanuts or Brachs mixed candy with the cowboys andIndians.
Dad also loved to go on vacation. I remember traveling across a lotof the United States as a kid. I remember sitting in the back seat of thestation wagon and watching as siblings chased the car as it left a gasstation or some other stop. I remember watching as the trailer stayed onthe railroad
track. Dad spent a lot of time with us as we were growing up. He madeskating rinks in the backyard or ramps with banked curves for the flyingsaucers. The extra time he took to do things with and for his family is avalue I have with my own family.

From Marcia (Leahy) Regan, 3 OCT 2002:
One thing I'll always remember about Dad is the passion he had forNotre Dame football and his hatred of the Huskers--both of which havebeen passed on to me. I can remember watching the games with him and,when an exceptionally good or bad play was made, he'd jump up and yell atthe TV. The only time I remember hearing Dad swear was during thosegames when, in his opinion, the refs had made a bad call. I remembergetting up to watch the recap of the Notre Dame game every Sunday beforegoing to church. Dad never tired of seeing the Irish.
I also remember sitting with him rooting against the Huskers. Itdidn't seem to matter who they played. Whoever the opponent was that wasthe team Dad cheered for. He'd be loving this season!

Birth Certificate for James Joseph Leahy
State of Wisconsin, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records
Registered No. 17 County of Ashland, Village of Butternut
Filed 1 MAR 1920 by A. Besse

Death Certificate for James J. Leahy
Certificate of Death No: 63538
Omaha-Douglas County Health Department Vital Statistics Section Recorded22 FEB 1978
by W. R. Jacobson, Registrar
Cause of Death: Acute Myocardial Infarction

SSN 395-14-3861

James J. Leahy, MD
Rite Wednesday for James Leahy
Services for Dr. James J. Leahy, an associate professor of familypractice at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine will be at11:15 a.m. Wednesday in St. Pius X Church.
Leahy, 57, of 5718 Seward St., died Sunday, following a heart attack.
Survivors include his wife, Kay; sons Kevin, of Oahu, Hawaii, James,Robert and David; daughters, Mrs. David Filipi, Janet and Marcia; andmother, Mrs. Ann Leahy, all of Omaha.
The rosary will be recited at 7:30 tonight at Hoffman Mortuary.Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery.
--from Omaha World Herald, 21 FEB 1978
[from papers saved by Mrs. Anne C. Leahy,
courtesy of Jody (Leahy) Filipi]

* * *

Former Area Physician Died
We just received word that a well-known former resident of this areapassed away on February 19, 1978.
Dr. James J. Leahy, also known to many as "Doctor Jim," diedsuddenly on Sunday in Omaha, Nebraska. He suffered a sudden heart attackat his home and was rushed to the University of Nebraska Medical Centerwhere he died.
A rosary service was held on the evening of February 21. Dr. Leahywas buried on February 22 in the Calvary Cemetery of Omaha.
Dr. Leahy was born in Butternut, Wisonsin on February 27, 1920. Heattended St. Anthony's grade school in Park Falls and was a graduate ofSt. Thomas Military Academy and Notre Dame University. He received hisMD training at Northwestern in Chicago. During World War II, he servedfor two years in the Army Medical Corps, first at Fort Sam Houston inTexas and later in Japan. While in Texas, he married Kay Lillestrand ofMinneapolis on August 10, 1945. Following his discharge, Dr. and Mrs.Leahy moved to Park Falls where he practiced for 12 years with hisfather, Dr. Justin D. Leahy. In 1959, they moved to Omaha, where he wasinvolved in private practice until 1975. He then took a position withthe University of Nebraska Medical Center in the Department of FamilyPractice.
Surviving are his wife, Kay; children: James, Joan (Mrs. DavidFilipi), Kevin, Robert, David, Janet and Marcia, all of Omaha; twograndchildren, Paul and Scott; his mother, Ann (sic) C. Leahy andbrother, J. Robert Leahy.
Dr. Leahy was a member of the American Academy of Family Practice,the American Medical Association, the Nebraska Medical Association, theGreater Omaha Medical Society and the Knights of Columbus-Park FallsCouncil.
--from the Park Falls Herald, March 1978
(courtesy of Jody Leahy Filipi, from the papers of Anne C. Leahy)

* * *

Leahy--James J. MD, age 57 yrs. of 5718 Seward. Survivors, wife, Kay,sons, Kevin of Oahu, Hawaii, James, Robert and David. Daughters, Mrs.David (Joan) Filipi, Janet and Marcia, all Omaha. 2 grandchildren,mother, Mrs. Anne Leahy, Omaha. Brother, J. Robert of Rice Lake, Wisc.
Mass St. Pius the Tenth Church, Wed. 11:15 AM. Interment Calvary.Memorials acceptable to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, c/oDr. Rigby.
Leo A. Hoffmann
24th and Dodge St. 342-3900
--from the Omaha World Herald 22 Feb 1978
(courtesy of Jody Leahy Filipi, from the papers of Anne C. Leahy)

Academic, Military and Professional Information
-Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Junior Division, St. Thomas MilitaryAcademy, Cadet Captain, 11 OCT 1937
-Graduated from St. Thomas Military Academy, St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN4 June 1938 (diploma)
-Graduated from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, 10 MAY1942 (diploma)
-Reserve Corps of the Army, 12 MAy 1943 (rank: private; serial # 16172843
Report of Separation, 12 JUN 1945 (Good Conduct Medal, 28 MAR 1945; rank:private first class: reason for separation: to accept commission as 1stLt MC AUS)
-Graduated from Northwestern University--Evanston-Chicago (IL) School ofMedicine, Bachelor of Medicine 13 June 1945 (diploma)
-Graduated from Northwestern University--Evanston-Chicago (IL) School ofMedicine, Doctor of Medicine 17 March 1946 (diploma)
Entry into active duty, 25 APR 1946, Medical Officer, General Duty 3100(rank: captain; serial # 0478647)
-5th Basic Course for Medical Department Officers (15 JUL 1946-7 SEPT1946: # 2237)
-Internship, Milwaukee County Hospital (Milwaulkee, WI) completed 31 MAR1946 (letter)
-Orders to report to Madigan General Hospital, Tacoma, WA on 15 APR 1946received 16 APR 1946, temporary 10-week assignment.
-Service outside the US: 10 OCT 1946-12 DEC 1947 (82nd Field ArtilleryBattalion, Sitama, Gumma, Japan: Diagnosed and treated all types ofmedical and surgical patients, conducted routine sick calls and physicalinspections of military personnel. Maintained all pertinent medicaladministrative records. Also served as division medical inspector ofHeadquarters 1st Cavalry Division, Japan.)
Promotion to Captain: 28 MAY 1947
-Report of Separation, 26 DEC 1947, Camp Stoneman, CA (decorations: WorldWar II Victory Medal; Army of Occupation Medal--Japan; note: othermiscellaneous military papers in possession of Jody (Leahy) Filipi,oldest daughter of James J. Leahy).
-Certification of Licensure, State of Wisconsin, 26 JAN 1948 (#101220)Written Board Exam Score Average: 85.8%
-Certificate of Licensure, State of Wisconsin, 24 AUG 1959 (#13438)
-Certificate of Ability, State of Nebraska, 1 Sept 1959 (#4850)
-Nebraska Medical License, 1 Sept 1959 (#10,431)
Honorable Discharge, Reserve Commissioned Officer of the Army, 9 FEB 1962(rank: major)
-He practiced medicine in Park Falls, WI and in Omaha, NE
-Charter Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians, Sept 1972
-Member American Society of Contemporary Medicine and Surgery, 30 June1975
-Served as a professor on the faculty of the University of NebraskaSchool of Medicine, Department of Family Practice, Omaha, Douglas County,Nebraska, 1975-1978.
(Note: diplomas and certificates in possession of Jody (Leahy) Filipi,oldest daughter of James J. Leahy.)

David L. Kasell

Parents' names received from Earl H. Lillestrand, 14 SEPT 2000. InEarl's notes, the following additional info is found: One time realtor,at the time of his death, David Kasell worked for Perkins Restaurantsadvising on restaurant locations.

Manfred Shodeen

Date of death from Earl Lillestrand info received 2 APR 2000.

SSDI 4 JAN 2001:
SSN 318-03-3522

Frank J. Socha

SSDI accessed on 21 SEPT 2000:
SSN: 508-05-3994 LKR: Council Bluffs, Pattowatamie County, IA.
DOB from this source.

Jim Heins

Spelling of last name corrected by Fern (Lillestrand) Heins, received 28AUG 2001. Place of birth based on comment in the note from Fern.

SSDI,, 30 AUG 2001:
SSN 469-30-4559 Residence: 55403 Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN
Born 20 Nov 1925
Died 12 Dec 2000 Issued: MN (Before 1951)

102. Lenora Cecilia Brevig

Placement as brother of Peter Brevig is speculative. Family Groupsheetsfor Russell McTavish received from Earl H. Lillestrand, 14 SEPT 2000, butthere was no clear indication where they fit in.

Roy McTavish

From "Descendants of Karen Louise Lillestrand" written by hergrandchildren, received from Madeline Gallup 17 OCT 2000: "Roy worked asa lineman for Saskatchewan Power Corporation until retiring to Burnaby,B. C."

103. Inga Amelia Brevig

DOD from "Descendants of Karen Louise Lillestrand" written by hergrandchildren, received from Madeline Gallup 17 OCT 2000.

Vernon Long

Dates/place of birth from "Descendants of Karen Louise Lillestrand"written by her grandchildren, received from Madeline Gallup 17 OCT 2000;in addition, this source says, "Vernon worked on the Great NorthernRailroad for a number of years."

212. Delmer Raymond Long

From "Descendants of Karen Louise Lillestrand" written by hergrandchildren, received from Madeline Gallup 17 OCT 2000: "Delmer workedwith his father on the Great Northern Railroad; he never enjoyed goodhealth and died at the age of 21 years."

Joseph Claude Peckenpaugh

DOB/DOD and place of birth from "Descendants of Karen LouiseLillestrand," written by her grandchildren, received from Madeline Gallup17 OCT 2000.

Thomas George Sweet

From "Descendants of Karen Louise Lillestrand," written by hergrandchildren, received from Madeline Gallup 17 OCT 2000: "Tom was amechanic and saleman."