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Lars Larsen Lillestrand Family


4. Lars Larsen Lillestrand

Name from Madeline Gallup (E-mail received 22 APR 2000). Grave isunmarked (info from same E-mail).

Dates received from Earl H. Lillestrand 18 MAY 2000 in correspondencedate 11 MAY are as follows:
b. 29 OCT 1828
d. 7 OCT 1885 (replaces 1887)
Spelling of LARSEN (from LARSON) changed; info. in same correspondence.
The following information was received in same letter dated 11 MAY 2000from Earl H. Lillestrand:

(It is taken from CHRISTIANA POLICE AUTHORITY TRAVEL INSPECTION,translated by Earl H. Lillestrand 3 AUG 1888.)

Oslo Passports 0353083 Page 5 Agent's name: Bleikfeler

Line Date Name Previous Age Homeplace Destination
# Occupation

36 4/30/69* Lars Larsen Sawmill 40 Maridal Milwaukee
Lillestrand Manager (Concordia**)

Caroline Larsen 10

Oslo Passports 0353084 Page 220 Agent's name: A. Sharpe

3590 9/3/69* Ingeborg Larsen 26 Maridal Connover
Lillestrand (Argo***)

Oslo Passports 0353084 Page 230 Agent's name: A. Sharpe
3591 9/3/69* Caroline Marie 9 Maridal Connover
Larsen (Argo***)

Extracted from Ship's passenger list in Quebeck Archives:

Sailing ship, SS Concordia, Chr. Christiansen, Captain. Sailed 4/18/69*;debarked 6/20/69*:

Lars Larsen Lillestrand and daughter

Steamship SS Hibernian. Sailed 9/7/69* from Liverpool; debarked 9/14/69*:

Line 1092 Caroline Marie Larsen 9

Line 4010 Ingeborg Larsen
Herman Larsen infant

note: Caroline Marie is repeated on two lists. It is believed thatCaroline Marie actually travelled with Ingeborg and that it is KarenLouise who travelled together with Lars. The different ages of thechildren and the entry on Concordia's passenger list "and daughter" leadone to this conclusion. Note also that the single remaining child,Christian Gunnerius Larsen Lillestrand, does not appear in records for1869 or 1870.

**name of ship
***name of steamship--a coastal steamer which sailed only between Osloand Liverpool.

Madison Township, Winnishieck County
Line 36, Page237A, Number 114
Larson (note spelling of last name), Lars, age 41, with Ingeborg (26),Karen (12) Caroline Marie (9) and Herman (2).

According the Robert L. Lillestrand, in his unpublished history of theLars Larson Lillestrand family, Hans Kastelle and Lars Larsen Lillestrandwere old and dear friends who not only worked together in the sawmill inBrekke, NOR, but would travel to the USA together, first settling in IAand then in MN. Hans daughter, Tilla, married Lars' nephew, ChristianLudwig (son of Mads).

Although the pair have not been found in the 1870 Census, the are onadjacent farms in 1880.

1880 U S Census: Aastad, Otter Tail, Minnesota
Lewis LARSON, Male **Lars
Other Information:
Birth Year <1834> // Birthplace NOR // Age 46 (??)
Occupation Farmer
Marital Status M <Married> // Race W <White>
Father's Birthplace NOR // Mother's Birthplace NOR
Source Information:
Census Place Aastad, Otter Tail, Minnesota
Family History Library Film 1254628 // NA Film Number T9-0628 // PageNumber 25A
Also listed: Wife, Elsie; Children, Hernan (sic), Ragena (sic), Matildaand Martin.
Note: Elsie listed as born about 1827 in NOR

From: "EARL LILLESTRAND" <> / 17 Jul 2003
Dear B & C:
I will give you my SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guess). I, too, believethis is LLL. I have no idea where the "Lewis" came from. In those days,as today, census data are entered by the census-taker, and not unusually,are garbled. I will stick with a birth year 1828, which appears inseveral earlier reports (immigration, embarkation, etc.). We knewpreviously of 3rd wife, Elsie Mortenson; but listed her birthplace asOlathe KS. Do you recommend that we change the BP? The 4 children,Herman, Regina, Mathilda and Martin are all children of the 2nd wife,Ingeborg,
Tusen takk, Earl

According to notes found on FAMILY GROUP SHEET received from Earl H.Lillestrand 14 SEPT 2000, Lars Larsen was 40 and the manager of a sawmill(sagmester) when he applied for passports for himself and his 10-yr.-olddaughter to sail to Milwaukee, WI 14 APR 1869. The sailing ship,Concordia, dropped anchor in Quebec 20 JUN 1869. Why the party splitwill probably never be known.

Lars' first wife, Kristine, died 15 JAN 1865, leaving 3 survivingchildren. Lars married Ingeborg Hansdatter on 1 JUL 1866; her age asshown on her passport was 26. She, accompanied by two step-children,Christian Gunnerius (15) and Caroline (9) and her child, Herman Lauritz,sailed 7 SEPT 1869 aboard the steamship SSConcordia, arriving in Quebec14 SEPT 1869.

Marthe Regina "Jennie" was born in Quebec 17 days later. Ingeborg boretwo more children, Mathilda and Martin, and died 11 DEC 1874. Larsmarried for a third time, but little is known about his 3rd wife, ElsieMartinson.

Two of Kristine's children, Inga and Nils, are believed to have diedyoung in Maridalen. They did not emigrate to the USA, at any rate.

There is no record of when the family left Quebec, but it was probablysoon after Jennie's birth. Their next known residence was Ridgeway, IA,where Martin was born. Lars, Ingeborg, Karen, Caroline and Herman appearon the 1870 Census for Madison Township. No specific date for the movefrom Ridgeway, IA to Fergus Falls, MN is known, but it is known thatIngeborg died in 1874 and is buried in the Madison Lutheran ChurchCemetery. And daughter Louise (who came to the US with her father) wasmarried in the Madison Church 30 JUL 1876. Caroline gave birth to herfirst child in 1881 in Fergus Falls, MN. It has been said that threecovered wagons, one for Lars and his family, one for his daughter Louise(Mrs. Anders Johnson) and one for Caroline (Mrs. Karl Kristopherson) madethe trip to Aastad Township in MN.

30 MAR 1882, Lars purchased 120 acres in Aastad township from the St.Paul, Ramsey County, MN, and Manitoba RR Co for $360. The land was latersold to Herman L. Larsen for $575 25 SEPT 1885.

Kristine Gulbrandsdatter

Name from Madeline Gallup (E-mail received 22 APR 2000).

9. Inga Mathilde Lillestrand

Name from Madeline Gallup (E-mail received 22 APR 2000).

12. Nils Lillestrand

Name from Madeline Gallup (E-mail received 22 APR 2000).

Ingeborg Hansdatter Rotstigen

Name and date(s) received from Earl H. Lillestrand 18 MAY 2000 incorrespondence date 11 MAY. DOB may be something else in 1840 as the notereads: 1718/1840-12/11/1874. Children listed and dates from same source.

Complete name received from Earl H. Lillestrand 14 SEPT 2000.

Elsie Martinson

1870 U.S. Census • Iowa • Winneshiek • Glenwood --Page 178A (Sheet 11A)(Image 21)
line 45, Martinson, Elsie, 40, born NOR, servant
Unclear from this entry whether Elsie was a widow, as reported by RobertL. Lillestrand in his unpublished genealogy, Lars Larson Lillestrand.

5. Mads Larson

Name and date(s) received from Earl H. Lillestrand 18 MAY 2000 incorrespondence date 11 MAY.

Burial place from Earl H. Lillestrand, received 14 SEPT 2000.

6. Andrine Elisabeth Larsdatter Stranden

Name and date(s) received from Earl H. Lillestrand 18 MAY 2000 incorrespondence date 11 MAY.

Full name received from Earl H. Lillestrand 14 SEPT 2000.

Hans L. Larsen Grønvold

Name received from Earl H. Lillestrand 14 SEPT 2000.

23. Lovise Mathilde Larsen

First name Anglicized to Louise.

24. Caroline Larsen

First name may have been spelled Karoline.

Johannes Johannassen

Name received from Earl H. Lillestrand 14 SEPT 2000.

7. Katinka Ferdine Nicoline Larsdatter Lillestrand

Name and date(s) received from Earl H. Lillestrand 18 MAY 2000 incorrespondence date 11 MAY. Names and dates of children from same source.

32. Martin Lauritz Larsen

Name may be Martin Lavritz.