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Mason Grigsby "Mace" Jones

(Father of Mason Overstreet Jones)

Rita Fincannon Dickinson?

Mason Grigsby Jones was born in Oglethorpe County, GA, September 1, 1835. He was reared on his father's plantation and in the common schools of his day, receiving a fair education. His parents, Moses and Martha (Mathews) Jones were Georgia people, as were their parents.

Moses Jones and his father were large land owners and slave owners. Both took part in the Creek and Cherokee Indian wars, the elder Mr. Jones [Mason] serving as a captain in the Creek War; in one engagement, he was wounded in the shoulder. Moses Jones was given the rank of lieutenant; he, too was wounded when a ball pierced his thigh. Thomas Mathews, the maternal grandfather of our subject [i.e., M. O. Jones' maternal grandfather], was a wealthy planter and a man interested in all measures intended to advance the public good. He served in some official capacities, distinguished himself for his ability, and won the admiration of all with whom he was associated. Both Moses and his father were public-spirited and courageous. By their natures, they were suited to the life of frontiersmen. The Joneses and the Thomas Mathews have long given their allegiance to the Democratic Party.

Moses Jones and his first wife [Martha Mathews], who died in 1852, had children as follows:

Toliver M. Jones, believed to have been a brigadier general during the Civil War, who may have died at the battle at Vicksburg (NOTE: Paul Jones Fincannon has been unable to verify this information to date--24 May 1999).

Mary Jane Jones, married John Jackson.

Mason Grigsby Jones, married Mary Henrietta Crowder.

Caroline Jones, married Dr. Jessie J. Haley

Charles Washington Jones, married Lucretia Jane Crowder, a veteran of the Civil War, who died in Ellis County, TX.

Lorena Jane Jones, married E. A. Milligan, an attorney in AL.

Martha E. Jones, married John Court.

C. T. Jones, married Isaac Prinn of AL.

Richmond Lafayette Jones, a citizen of AL, married Dorinda Milner Callaway.

Alford M. Jones, a prominent citizen of Erath County, married Ada Milner Callaway; later married Fannie Copeland, and later still married Lucy M. Moss.

By a subsequent marriage, Moses Jones had four other children:

Robert Jones, a farmer in Ellis County.

Forest Jones, a farmer in Ellis County.

Minnie Jones, and

Child, name unknown, Jones, who died at age 13.

Mason Grigsby Jones remained with his parents until he was of age in 1857, at which time he left home and came to TX to make his fortune. In Upshur County, he secured a position as an overseer on a large farm. After two years, he purchased a small tract of land in Comanche County on the Leon River. In the fall of 1861, he enlisted in the army as a member of Company D, Wallers Company, Hopps Regiment, which was assigned to the Department of MO and AR. He was, at different times, under the commands of Generals Price, Marmaduke, Fagan, Cooper, and Hineman. On one occasion, he was wounded in the thigh by a miniball, the bone being broken.

At the end of the war, he was in Shreveport, LA. From there he went to Upshur County, where he married Mary Henrietta Crowder, who was born August 24, 1846; she was the daughter of Dr. O. W. Crowder.

M. G. and Mary Jones had children as follows:

Henrietta Jones, married James Jones.

Mason Overstreet, married Mary Jane "Mollie" Sechrist

Rachel Jones, married Sam Shipman.

Ella Jones, married Bob Burnett.

Eppie Jones, married John Beall.

Warren Jones, who went to the penitentiary, and later lived on a farm next to Uncle Henry (Vincent Jones).

Nina Jones.

Cornice Jones, married Walter Jones.

Sara Viola "Ola" Jones, married Sanford White, had four children: Sissie, Jewel, Sammy and Sanford.

Cumi Jones, who died young.

Lucy Jones, who died young.

M. G. Jones accumulated 2,434 acres of land in Erath County. He and his wife were members of the Missionary Baptist Church.