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Robert Hinson Will:
to Levi Hinson and Others


Georgia: Coweta County

This indenture made and entered into this the fourth day of February A.D., Eighteen Hundred and Sixty between Robert Hinson and of this our part and Levi Hinson and Nathan Hinson of the County of Heard, and state aforesaid after other part witnesseth: That for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I, said Robert Hinson, have and bear for and towards my two grandsons, said Levi Hinson and Nathan Hinson, and for the further consideration of the sum of ten dollars to me in hand paid by them, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have given, granted and conveyed and do hereby give, grant and convey unto them, said Levi and Nathan Hinson, their heirs and assigns and all and singular, the following property, to wit, one hundred acres of land of Lot No. Fifty-Four in the Third Abstract of Coweta County being the place and premises which I now live together with all the rights, members, and appertenances. And there unto belonging or in any wese appertenances. I also give to Elisabeth Barrow Turner, my granddaughter, my bed and bedding with its furniture, it being the one which I lie upon. I also give to my two grandsons, Levi and Nathan Hinson, two beds and bedsteads and furniture belonging these to. I wish Nancy and Sofe Skipper to be supported for the balance of the year whenever I may die. I will now state that the above will is only binding at my death. It will then take effect and be of force to have and to hold said property unto them, their heirs and assigns to them and their own proper use and benefit and behalf forever and I, Robert Hinson, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators the said property and effects specified unto them, their heirs and assigns will warrant and forever defend the right and title thereof against myself, my heirs, and assigns and against the claims of all other persons whatever. In witness whereof I, the said Robert Hinson, have hereunto set my hand and seal this Day and year above written. Signed, sealed and witnessed in presence of

Robert Hinson (L. S.)

TEST Peter A. White,

John L. Johnston         Georgia Heard County.

Personally appears before Mr. James B. Ware, Acting Justice of the Superior Court of said county, Dr. Peter A. White and John L. Johnston, after being sworn saith thus: they saw Robert Hinson sign the above ascribenance of gift and that the assignees are as witnesses themselves sworn to and subscribed before me this the 25th March 1861.

P. A. White           James B. Ware (L.J.C.)
J. L. Johnston