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My great grandfather Levi Hinson, son of Needham, was born the 29th day of December 1833 in Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia. His father and mother with Needham's father Robert Hinson (1830 census, Wayne County, North Carolina) moved to Georgia from Wayne County, North Carolina in 1830-31. Soon after my great grandfather Levi was born, his father died at a very early age. My great great grandfather Robert Hinson took [Needham's] two sons Nathan B. Hinson and Levi to raise (1840 census, Coweta County, Georgia) and they always said they were raised by Aunt Sophie Skipper, who must have been related as she and her mother Nancy Skipper resided in the same household (1850 census, Coweta County, Georgia). (See Robert Hinson will.)

Levi Hinson enlisted in the Confederate Army at Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia, 14th May 1862 into Company F Sixteenth Battalion, Georgia Cavalry, Partisan Rangers by Captain J. D. Simms.

He was elected a Second Lieutenant lst August 1862 and listed on the roster of the Sixteenth Battalion Georgia Cavalry, Vaughn's Brigade, Army of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

He was captured at Blountville, East Tennessee, near Knoxville 22nd September 1863, sent to a military prison in Louisville, Kentucky, then transfered to Johnsons Island Prison in Lake Erie near Sandusky, Ohio, 13th October 1863.

He was released from prison 11th June 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance. He was thirty-two years of age, complexion dark, hair dark, eyes blue, height five feet and seven inches.

[The above record from the National Archives,
General Services Administration,
Washington, 25, D.C.]


(Heard County Census, 1860) Levi Hinson of St. Cloud, Heard County, Georgia, was a mechanic and wheelwright by trade and made buggies and wagons as a young man.

After the War Between the States and the death of Robert Hinson, his grandfather, the Hinson family including his brother Nathan's family, the Ransome family, Friend and slave Howard Cato with his family, left Georgia looking for a new land. Traveling by ox wagon first to Missouri then to Texas landing at Jefferson by boat, they settled at Rosalie, Red River County, Texas in 1870.

Levi Hinson applied for a land patent 25th March 1874. Governor Richard Coke granted the patent 7th April 1874. He waited until the 20th of December 1913 to record his patent of one hundred and sixty-eight acres. Patent number 28, Abstract number 460. Sold the 11th of August 1913 to his son Leondas 0. Hinson.

His friend and slave who of course had his freedom but remained a member of the family was given a log cabin and thirty acres of land on the homestead of Levi Hinson. He is buried in the Hinson family cemetery at Rosalie. After the death of his wife and mother of his children, Emily Helen Ransome, Levi Hinson married Miss Lula Evans who was born 16th June 1859 and who died 19th January 1946 at the Confederate Widow's Home in Austin, Texas. She is buried in Bogata Cemetery, Bogata, Red River County, Texas.

[This family record by
Deloise C. Bumpous McKnight
and Eunice Tyer Anderson]


Hinson-Ransome Family Cemetery
"East of Rosalie, Red River County, Texas"






Charles M. Hinson
Died 29th June 1874
Age 17 years

Emily Helen Ransome Hinson
Died 4th December 1889
(of pneumonia)
Age 57 years

Levi Hinson
Died 24th January 1925
Age 91 years and 27 days

Lula Evans Hinson
(2nd wife of Levi Hinson)
Died 19 January 1946
Buried Bogata Cemetery
Bogata, Red River County, Texas

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