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Freedman's Cemetery Memorial
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Freedman's Cemetery Memorial
3600 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75204
(at Calvary Road)
Additional Information:
This memorial honors former slaves buried in the Freedman's Cemetery. The cemetery was developed in the 1850's near Freedman's town, the post-Civil War cultural, social and economic center of the African-American community. When Central Expressway was widened several years ago, a number of graves were moved; some still remain, however. An arched granite gate now stands at the site entrance. Niches on either side contain symbolic sculptures by David Newton.

The Memorial sits adjacent to Emmanu-el and Calvary cemeteries, and just a short walk from Greenwood Cemetery; the four cemeteries are part of a Cemetery Tour in Uptown Dallas.
Only two partial markers are found on the memorial grounds, although more may be buried in the cemetery. 
The African American Museum (of Dallas) is currently running an exhibit, Facing the Rising Sun, which tells its story, using objects, photographs and multimedia presentations.  The exhibit opened in May 2010 and is ongoing.


Uptown, Dallas, Dallas County, TX