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Taken from Fincannons, Cannons,
Voncannons, Vuncannons, and Related Families
By Al G. Fincannon, pp. 171-72

William was born about 1755 and died about 1831, wife undiscovered. The first record of William appears in 1779 on the petition to establish Randolph County, where he is listed as William VonKannon.

In the memoirs of Colonel David Fanning (a rather notorious Tory Colonel commisioned [sic] by the Brittish [sic] to operate in Central North Carolina during the Revolutionary War), Fanning states that he had appointed William a Tory Captain from Randolph County at Coxe's mill (south and east of Asheboro, N. C.) on July 16, 1781.

The name used in the memoirs was Fincannon, the first known record of this version of the name.

In 1785, William (Vonkannen) signed a petition to move the Randolph County Courthouse to a more central location.

In Sept. 14, 1791 he is ordered to appear as [sic] jury duty in the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in Orange County. In Dec. 14 of the same year, he is fined for failure to appear for jury duty.

William (Voncannon) is listed in the 1790 census with two sons (perhaps John and Isaac) and two daughters (names unkown; first daughter recorded in genealogy). Jermina, was born in 1795) in Randolph County.

In 1800, he is in Randolph County with four daughters and two sons. (Hard to speculate which children are included here.)

In 1810, he is listed in Burke County as William Fincannon with three daughters and three sons (presumably, Jermina, Mary and Elizabeth (Nancy was born in 1810 and probably not on the roster), and Isaac, Peter and William (with the oldest son, John, 29, out on his own).

We [Al G. Fincannon and unnamed others] do not know if his record as a Tory made hin [sic] move during this period, since the war had been over for twenty plus years.

East of Connelly Springs, NC. Original site and cemetery found mile south of IH40 at fork of two creek branches.

He bought land that amounted to over 360 [legend under map showing location of homestead says 260] acres near what is now Connelley Springs. We [see above] know that his son Peter took care of him in his later years and that he willed his land to him. This land is still in the family and was in the possession of Albert Guy Williams (There is no Albert Guy Williams listed in the index at the end of the book. See Note One, below.), who lived in a modernized house built around the original cabin built by Peter.

The original will of William had his named spelled Funcannon but he signed it Fincannon. It is still in the possession of the family.

Jefferson Marion Fincannon (WF.4.12) and family shown in front of cabin, which sported clapboard over the original cabin walls. Photo @1900.

Note 1: The lack of an "Albert Guy Williams" sent my wife and I searching through the book to find out who lived on the old family homestead. We discovered several things on our search. First and foremost, was the correct identity of the occupant of the family homestead: Albert Guy WILSON. Albert Guy Wilson (WF. and his family are just about the last people mentioned in the WF line (p. 290--120 pages after the beginning of the line!). Also, sadly, we noted in captions of pictures on the preceeding pages that the house burned down in 1988. Albert Guy Wilson had in his possession the original will of William Fincannon and Peter Fincannon's Bible.

Albert Guy Wilson (WF. and wife, Mattie, stand near the house built around Peter Fincannon's cabin. The chimney is part of the original cabin. The cabin burned to the ground in 1988. Photo @1980.

Note 2: I (Robert M. Leahy) have transcribed the information as exactly as I could. Information in parentheses is designed to explain information in bold-face. If there were an error in spelling in the original text, it will be found above followed by [sic]. Any other errors found are my own, for which I apologize. The only change to the original text (found in bold-face) is the division of the passage into short paragraphs. --28 April 1999

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