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More Updates (Since the April Newsletter)



Karen Reppe 4.111

Wed William J. Williams February 18, 1989!



Damien Mark Warner 4.211111 July 26, 2001.

Son of Mark S. Gullings


Kaden Scott Nordby  2.311111 August 20, 2001, St. Cloud, MN. Son of Scott and Erika (Haler) Nordby.


Teagan Constance Sailor 4.62311 October 16, 2001

Daughter of Roy and Kennis (LNU) Sailor


Megan Rose Erwin 2.13323 February 13, 2002.

Daughter of Robert and Julie (Williams) Erwin;


Ashley Grace Nelson 4.62511 March 17, 2003

Daughter of Brain and Candice (Sailor) Nelson.



David W. Haines, July 5, 1993 in Missoula, MT.

Husband of Darlene (Young) 2.421


Sidney C. Sailor, April 24, 2002, Elmhurst, IL.

Husband of Pauline (Mundale) 4.62


Helen (Billet) Pearson January 8, 2003 MARSHALL, MN.

(adopted daughter of Irene O. (Mondale) Spear, 2.21)


Fewer than 40 members of the clan sent in cards or E-mails saying they would be in Frost in July.  As a result. The reunion has been cancelled.


Although the mail fund is low (thanks to several donations, we’re not broke), the next newsletter will be sent out in

JUL 2004.  Please continue to send updates to

Bob Leahy 2110 E Crosby RD Carrollton, TX 75006

or E-mail:


If you want to be invited to the WebSite, use the E-mail address above.  Genealogy Listings and Trees will be updated by the end of August.



Mundale-Mondale Runion

Frost, MN