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22 Sep 2009

We did indeed get out of town for about 10 days. Our main goal was the Biltmore estate in outside of Asheville, TN. We also saw several sites in TN as we went to and from. We ended up in Panhandle, TX, to celebrate our youngest granddaughter's birthday.

Here are links to several of the places we saw:

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC
Graceland, Memphis, TN
Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, Nashville, TN
Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville, TN

Of the places we visited, The Hermitage is in the greatest need of funds to speed up planned restoration/preservation. The exterior of the mansion was in especially bad shape. One of the things I learned as we toured was that a Confederate Soldiers' Home was built on land that had beloned to the estate, and the cemetery where many of the men who died there can be found near the Jackson's family church at the back of the current property. In addition, there are two small family cemeteries on the property: The area in the garden next to the mansion where General Jackson (General being his title preference), his wife, and several other family members are buried; and another area near the family church where members of Jackson's adopted son and family are buried. The markers are extremely weathered and hard to read.

The Biltmore was the priciest place we went, but since we spent the entire day there, probably not all that more expensive than Graceland (even rivaling Elvis' home for the number of places to shop~!). Size-wise, the Biltmore, down to just 200 acres, is still huge in comparison to how much property surround The Hermitage and Belle Meade Plantation.
Graceland was never very big. I wasn't expecting hundreds of acres there, but was surprised at how compact it really was.

Sadie helped make and decorate her first BD cake. She was going to bring cupcakes to school on her real birthday. And then her other grandma was coming out the following weekend, so she could celebrate again.

All for now. See you soon!

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